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Utajärvi is taking significant steps towards promoting sustainable development, circular economy and increasing the vitality of the area. The municipality considers it very important to enable the conditions for the development and expansion of companies. One of the priorities of Utajärvi’s vitality program is to create a diverse and competitive business base. In practice, we focus our resources on doing things efficiently, with personal service and open communication. We offer smooth decision-making and permit policy: paper matters in order in a few days. Our industrial park is modern and actively developed and labour force available.

The municipality is committed to pioneering energy solutions and using clean energy in a climate-friendly way. This includes the development of wind power and solar power projects, as well as supporting the production of hydrogen in the region.

Why locate in Utajärvi?

Our industrial area is expanding and developing rapidly, providing new economic opportunities while maintaining a sustainable approach to development. Our large 500-hectare industrial park has flexible plots to reserve according to your company’s needs. Plots can also be rented; the rental price and the size of the plot are negotiated according to the customer’s wishes.

The Oulu-Kajaani Highway 22 and the Oulu-Kajaani railway run next to the industrial area in Utajärvi, so the connections are excellent even further around Europe. The drive to Oulu is 40 minutes, and the distance to Oulu International Airport is only about 45 minutes.

As a high-tech university area, Oulu’s economic district offers your company more development and operational opportunities. In our area, you can find the labour for your company’s needs.

Uninterrupted electricity supply has been ensured along a separate line from the Utanen power plant next to the industrial area.

Our strength is the fast fibre-optic connection built throughout the Utajärvi area, which provides new opportunities for business operations.

In our business park companies will be able to use clean and affordable Near energy “Vierivoima” in 2026, enabling green hydrogen production and refueling opportunities. Pioneering in the production of renewable energy, cost-effective energy close to Finland’s largest solar power plant (160 MWp), as well as water and wind power plants.

The municipality’s vision is to establish hydrogen production and use in Utajärvi, which will not only contribute to reducing carbon emissions but also enable a green transition for the local companies. As an important step towards building a greener economy and promoting a more sustainable way of life Utajärvi is investing in renewable energy and promoting sustainable practices. By doing this the municipality is reducing its reliance on fossil fuels and creating a more resilient and sustainable future for the community.

If you´re looking to locate in Utajärvi, contact us!

Vuokko Paso
CEO of Utajärven Yrityspuisto Oy

Tiia Juntunen
Business Developer, Utajärven Yrityspuisto Oy

Utajärven Yrityspuisto Oy is an industry and business development company founded and owned by the municipality of Utajärvi. Yrityspuisto Oy is constantly developing the business environment in the area and creating the conditions for the birth of new companies, as well as supporting the operations of start-up and already operating companies.